This is the best deodorant I have ever used! It is easy to apply and never lets me down! I feel clean and smell fresh all day - even after I exercise. Thank you Pure in Heart for your commitment to excellence in using natural, "good for you" ingredients as well as excellence in quality. I have tried many natural deodorants in the past and none of them worked well. I tried to convince myself that it was worth sacrificing the effectiveness of the deodorant for health reasons. But thanks to Pure in Heart, I can be as thrilled about the effectiveness of the product as well as the ingredients. I will never use any other deodorant again. Everyone must try and experience the benefit and blessing for themselves!

Sonia H


I have been using your deodorant for a little over four months and I am really happy with how it works! I have used other deodorants for over five years and always had something I didn't like about each product. There is absolutely nothing I don't like about your product! It keeps me smelling great all day long, doesn't leave any residue on my clothes (black included!) and the ingredients are simple! Thank you for making a product with amazing quality that I feel comfortable using every day!

Paige W


I'm not a frequent consumer of organic and health store type products, but I've had a concern for quite some time about deodorants with aluminum. I've tried many products on and off over the years and finally gave up. A friend convinced me to try "Pure in Heart" and I finally got some just to be polite. WOW, it really works.... Absolutely can't believe it! Thank you for making a product that truly works AND for allowing me once and for all to ditch those harmful ingredients.

Pam H.