With all the hype out there surrounding essential oils, fragrances, and absolutes, we thought it would be helpful to take a closer look into understanding and discerning these scents so that you can make enriched decisions when it comes to purchasing your beauty products.

So what’s the deal with essential vs fragrance vs absolute oils? Aren’t they all the same? It’s easy to believe so, but in fact, these oils are very different. Here’s a quick synopsis:


These are all-natural substances, extracted from parts of a plant by steam distillation, boiling or pressing extractions. They are not diluted with carrier oils or any other ingredient. Typically, essential oils are more expensive because they are processed differently than fragrance and absolute oils. Essential oils are associated with health benefits and are complex and difficult to reproduce synthetically. Because they are all-natural their aroma varies depending on the season, climate and growing conditions.


These are synthetically manufactured scents, designed to mimic a smell. They are lab-produced made with synthetic chemicals whose compounds are drying and irritating to the skin. Watch for tricky labeling using words such as perfume, fragrance oil, or made-up names like 'spring mist'. Be mindful that these are artificial substances.


These oils are often confused with essential oils, however, we need to be aware that they are different and that they are not pure. They are typically blended with essential oils along with alcohol or carrier oils. Their extraction method includes using a variety of toxic solvents i.e. ethanol. Unfortunately, large amounts of these toxins can remain in the final product, thereby negatively affecting the skin.

Many conventional and some natural labeled products still contain fragrances and absolute oils. We recommend reading ingredient listings carefully in order to identify these additives. Rest assured that Pure in Heart only uses pure essential oils. We never use artificial fragrances or absolute oils.

In addition, essential oils are concentrated and powerful substances, that’s why we carefully dilute them in all our products. We want you to be certain in knowing that all our products are 100% natural, non-toxic and safe to use every day. 

Since Pure in Heart products are rubbed directly on your skin, we are committed to providing you with ingredients that are healthy, nourishing, effective and enjoyable!

Celebrate with confidence that beauty can be pure!