SPRING! Just the sound of the word makes us happy, doesn’t it?

It’s the time of year when the ground starts to wake up from its long winter’s nap. The days are brighter, the air is warmer and the song of birds now linger. It’s being able to shed our layers of clothing exposing our skin to the warm sunlight - feeling a little lighter, a little freer.

Spring brings warm breezes and gentle rains. It brings Easter celebrations, thankfulness, and hope. It’s a chance, at last, to enjoy the tulips planted months ago and to watch as animals scurry about, eagerly preparing for their new families; reminders of the earth’s abundant life, of birth and of God’s unfailing love. 

Crocus’ and daffodils start to flower and excitement grows at the opportunity to plan and plant our gardens. Trees and shrubs start to bloom, windows and doors stay open and the smell of freshness fills our senses. Clothes are dried on the line, cars are hand washed, exercise practices shift outside, beauty care routines transition, neighbourly conversations flourish and kids actively at play - these long-awaited activities thrive once again.

Discovering the joys of Spring brings us renewal and energy. It also gives opportunity to embrace new activities and take advantage of the longer days. Whatever you love about this season we hope you enjoy them fully and we hope it makes your soul smile. May this time bring you happy memories and many blessings.

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!